Filipe Keil gives concert at the Malaposta Cultural Center

On August 20, Filipe Keil will present at the Malaposta Cultural Center the EP who released earlier this year: “(A)CORDA”.

It is an intimate spectacle where the original Electro Pop themes blend with a peculiar aesthetics shrouded from an audiovisual atmosphere. A spectacle where he is accompanied by the musician Gus Freedom.

In “(A)CORDA”, Filipe Keil assaults his identity and resorts to contemplation to celebrate the idea of ​​change and expression in freedom. On this new album, Philip Keil returns to his origin, without losing his present, presenting the rear-os-montes sounds to hybrid and imperative electronics. Each presented theme is a door for celebration and reflection, using different textures, instrumental combinations and environments. The pop, which infects us and invites us to dance, blends with the hardness of words that are shaped by reality. It is also mixed with curiosity, growth and will in living.

The sonority and poetics of “(A)CORDA” is accompanied by a aesthetics of symbiosis between tradition and liberation. He questions the role of man and his masculinity. It seeks the release of stigmas by challenging meanings. Filipe Keil presents, on this disk, a little of his creative universe.

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