Filipe Sambado on the second day of Bairro em Festa

Filipe Sambado at Bairro em Festa at the GNR Headquarters, in Anjos

Keeping the nature of past activities such as concerts, shows, cinema, exhibitions, workshops, debates, and tours, Bairro em Festa 2020 covers four areas: Intendente, Anjos, Pena, and Arroios. The concerts take place at the GNR Headquarters, at Rua Jacinta Marto and started last Thursday, August 20, with the participation of Pedro Salvador and Madalena Victorino with “Companhia Limitada: o Concerto”, and yesterday, Friday the 21st, it was Filipe Sambado‘s turn to take the stage at a sold-out concert.

Filipe Sambado composes remarkable songs that start from an indie-pop matrix and consolidate a sonic universe that both establish complicity with Portuguese music, as well as being contaminated by krautrock, lo-fi, or surf music. They are songs that challenge us, summon our memory and project it into an exercise in reconfiguring the current Portuguese identity.

Filipe Sambado – Bairro em Festa © Margarida Rodrigues – Portugalinews

The album “Filipe Sambado e os Acompanhantes de Luxo” from 2018, edited with label NorteSul/Valentim de Carvalho, was considered the album of the year in various media such as Antena 3, Radar, Vodafone FM, among others, and nominated for the SPA Awards 2019 in the Music category – Best Popular Music.

In January 2020 he published “Revezo“, a dive into a floral and contemplative folk, maintaining the muscle of intervention music and the rudeness of Portuguese popular music, with notes of folklore, in arrangements of conceptual lust, and, in 2020, he made his debut at the RTP da Canção Festival as a composer and performer with “Gerbera Amarela do Sul“.

The concert started around 10-10:30 pm with Violeta Azevedo on the flute, Miguel Gomes aka Chinaskee on the percussion, Alexandre Ribeiro on the guitar, Manel Lourenço aka Primeira Dama on the keyboard and second voices, and, of coure, Filipe Sambado as the frontman.

Filipe Sambado – Bairro em Festa © Margarida Rodrigues – Portugalinews

The repertoire was composed not only of songs from his most recent album but also of old ones like “Vida Salgada” from 2016, and “Só Beijinhos”, “Dono da Bola”, “Deixem Lá”, “Dá Jeitinho” from 2018.

We also heard “Joia da Rotina”, “Gerbera Amarela do Sul”, “Mais Uma”, “No Leito” and “É so Bom” from his latest album “Revezo” and, in the end, Filipe Sambado gave us 3 solo songs on the guitar, “Assim Assim” from 2012, “Já Não Vou Sair Daqui” from 2016, and “Tabaco” from 2014.

And it was with the beautiful indie-pop songs of Filipe Sambado that we said goodbye to the second day of Bairro em Festa, passing the testimony to António Zambujo and Jon Luz who take the stage today, Saturday 22, with the show “Do Fado à Morna“.

Filipe Sambado – Bairro em Festa © LuisMSerrao – Portugalinews

The closing of the Festival, on Sunday the 23rd, is in charge of Ayom. The concerts are free of charge but due to their limited capacity, tickets must be booked in advance.

In the field of visual arts, there were several exhibitions between Largo do Intendente and the GNR Headquarters. The resident photographer João Tuna brings us “Do Largo, ou do tirar pelo Natural”, an exhibition with the most striking faces of the Intendente neighborhood as elderly people, homeless people, consumers of psychoactive substances and historic shopkeepers.

At the GNR Headquarters, you can also visit Lígia Fernandes and Micaela Jarast’s exhibitions.

As in the past year, Recantos Performativos are spread over several streets and arteries in the neighborhood, occupying cultural spaces of some festival partners. Various artists are part of the festival such as auéééu- Teatro, Bestiário, Alice Duarte and Marta Jardim, Ana Vilela da Costa, Beniko Tanaka and Claudio Hochman, Diana de Sousa, Keli Freitas, Margarida Barata and Sofia Valadas.

The Festinhas no Bairro encompass a program designed for all ages but that winks at the youngest. Taking advantage of the holiday period, Escola EB1 Nº 1 da Pena was transformed into a Cultural Center for the families and will host daily shows and workshops. Among others, we have creations by Cláudia Gaiolas, Catarina Requeijo, Gil Dionísio, Madalena Victorino, Rogério Paulo, Marta Coutinho and Ruca Rebordão.

BAIRRO EM FESTA is a cultural initiative co-promoted by LARGO Residências, Lisbon City Council, EGEAC/Culture on the Street and Parish Council of Arroios, in partnership with the Local Network of Socio-Cultural Partners around the Axis Almirante Reis (Intendente, Pena, Anjos and Arroios).



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