Film ‘1965’ pays tribute to Nadir Afonso and depicts demolition of building

The 41-year-old filmmaker, residing in Vila Real, said that ‘1965’ represents a tribute to the architect and artist, in the year that marks the centenary of his birth. Nadir Afonso passed away in 2013.

The private space where the property designed by Nadir Afonso, built in 1965, was located, was acquired by Lidl and was just demolished in February, as part of the renovation project of the local supermarket chain store.

In April 2017, parts of the facade of the old bakery had already been demolished.

During these three years, the Alter Ibi Association was one of the most active voices in the defense of the bakery or Panreal building, as it was known by the local inhabitants.

In the documentary, José Paulo Santos shows the demonstrations, gatherings, vigils and even hearings in the Assembly of the Republic, until the final demolition of the building.

He also speaks with former bakery workers, with neighbors and accompanies Nadir’s widow, Laura Afonso, on a visit to the interior of the vacant property.

The film also shows a couple from Vila Real who had the wedding party in that space, 36 years ago, and who returns to the building with the photo album trying to recognize the places inside.

The Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage (DGPC) filed in April 2018 the classification procedure for Property of Public Interest, proposed by a group of citizens, considering that the building no longer had characteristics for a nationwide classification.

In 2019, the Vila Real Chamber also decided not to classify the bakery as a property of municipal interest.

The building has a similar project in Chaves. The two properties mark Nadir Afonso’s career, as they are his last architectural projects.

The film “1965 – Panreal um Edifício de Nadir Afonso” is the first feature film by José Paulo Santos and, after previewing, last week in Vila Real, it will be shown in December, at the University of Porto, as part of the celebrations of Nadir Afonso’s centenary.

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