Film ‘A Metamorfose dos Pássaros’ by Catarina Vasconcelos awarded in San Sebastián

The film “Simon Chama”, the first fiction feature film by Portuguese director Marta Ribeiro, and the short film “Noite Perpétua”, by Pedro Peralta, which had dictatorship and repression as a backdrop, had also been selected for that section. of the Franco regime, from Spain.

A Metamorfose dos Pássaros” had a world premiere at the Berlin festival in February, where it won the International Critics Award.

Since then, he has won distinctions in different competitions, such as the Best Film Award at the Vilnius Festival, in Lithuania, and the Special Jury Award at the Taipei Festival, in Taiwan. He also received the Best Film Award at the Dokufest Festival in Kosovo.

“A Metamorfose dos Pássaros” has already been selected for more than 25 international festivals, in the United States, Russia, Spain, Greece, South Korea, Canada, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and Italy.

The film also has a guaranteed commercial debut in Chinese territory, according to distributor Portugal Film.

Catarina Vasconcelos, 33 years old, took six years to create this film, after having made her first short film, “Metáfora ou Tristeza Virada do Avesso” (2013), in an academic context, in London.

The two films come together in formal and thematic aspects, and are interconnected because Catarina Vasconcelos filmed the family, addressing the relationship of the parents and the death of the mother, in the short film, and the love story of the grandparents and the death of paternal grandmother in the feature film.

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