Film by João Nuno Pinto awarded by critics at the São Paulo Exhibition

Mosquito‘ was voted the best international film by critics, in an edition of the show with online and outdoor sessions, due to Covid-19, and in which about ten Portuguese production and co-production films were present.

The film, which opened the Rotterdam (Netherlands) film festival this year, is played by actor João Nunes Monteiro, in the role of Zacarias, a young military man sent to Africa in the first world war.

The feature film is awarded in Brazil days after receiving two prizes at the Mostra de Valencia – Cinema del Mediterrani, in Spain, for best photography for Adolpho Veloso, and for the best soundtrack for musician Justin Melland.

Mosquito‘ is Portugal’s candidate for the Best Ibero-American Film at the Goya Awards of 2021, from Spain, and is one of four films nominated for a Portuguese nomination for the category of Best International Oscar Film.

Produced by Paulo Branco, ‘Mosquito’ was co-produced by France, Brazil and Mozambique, where it was shot, and will have a mini-series version with three episodes.

In addition to ‘Mosquito‘, João Nuno Pinto is also the author of the feature film ‘América’ (2000) and of the shorts ‘Don’t swim’ (2015) and ‘Skype me’ (2008).

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