Film-essay on the cinema of Pedro Costa in debut in IndieLisboa

The director Júlio Alves debuts in May at the IndieLisboa festival the documentary ‘Sacavém’, a visual essay on the cinema of Pedro Costa, from some objects associated with the shooting of the author’s films.

Júlio Alves explained that ‘Sacavém’ has its genesis in a doctoral thesis, in which one of the chapters was dedicated to the objects of the cinema of Pedro Costa, like the book of collages that worked like the script of ‘House of Lava (1994).

“I was not making a film about Pedro Costa, but a trip to his cinema, the structure, the way it’s conceived, felt and built,” he explained.

‘Sacavém’, which is part of the IndieLisboa feature film competition, features excerpts from Pedro Costa’s films, particularly those related to the Fontainhas neighbourhood, images of the objects that served as support and statements of conversations between the two filmmakers.

“It was a process of mutual patience,” recalls Júlio Alves, about the two years that he had spent the last two years of his life. fulfil this movie.

In ‘Sacavém’, Pedro Costa appears in a diffused and protected way, with Júlio Alves emphasizing above all the filmmaker’s thinking about the craft and the process of making movies.

It is he who says he does not want to make inconsequential films and that “cinema has become very impatient.” “Not only are movies impatient, loaded with rush and urgency, sometimes that does not help, but the way movies are made has been a lot … time has become an enemy. have the time on my side, “you hear Pedro Costa say in the film.

In addition to the college book used for ‘Casa de Lava’, another of the objects mentioned in the film is a chamber that allowed Pedro Costa autonomy to shoot ‘In the Room of the Vanda’ (2000) and which he himself described as an accomplice and witness of what I was filming.

I think Pedro Costa’s cinema is what it is today, depending on a set of objects that are not necessarily in the film … What interests me in Portuguese cinema is its authors and the way they relate to what is their contemporaneity, “said Júlio Alves.

In addition to the references to ‘Casa de Lava’, ‘Ossos’, ‘In Vanda’s Room’, ‘Youth in March’ and ‘Horse Money’ – which Júlio Alves considers to be the main body of Pedro Costa’s cinema – still material from the latest film, ‘Vitalina Varela’, yet to debut.

While “Sacavém” has a debut in IndieLisboa, Júlio Alves finishes filming the first feature film, entitled “The Art of Dying Away” from the homonymous novel by Mário de Carvalho.

The 16th IndieLisboa International Film Festival will run from May 2 to 12 in several rooms of the capital.

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