Film Festival of Marvão and Valencia de Alcántara opens Friday

The sixth edition of Periferias – International Film Festival of Marvão and Valencia de Alcántara (Spain) runs from Friday until the 20th of this month in villages on both sides of the border.

According to the municipality of Marvão, in the district of Portalegre, the event maintains the bet on a model of itinerancy by the villages and historical places of the Portuguese-Spanish track, “in an effort of cultural decentralization, with a view to the creation of new publics.”

The festival is promoted by Associação Cultural Periferias (Portugal) and Associação Gato Pardo (Spain), with the support, on the Portuguese side, of the municipality of Marvão, Regional Directorate for Culture and Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of Alentejo and, Spanish side, the Film Library of Extremadura, Diputacion de Cáceres and the City Council of Valencia de Alcántara.

According to the promoters, the program continues to favor “independent quality cinema”, with particular emphasis on the area of ??documentary, namely that produced in the two Iberian countries.

The aim, they point out, is that the festival can be said to be “a meeting point and reflection among filmmakers”, opening doors to works that bring an original vision on the themes of human rights, environment and culture.

Alongside the film show, as it happened in previous editions, the festival includes exhibitions, lectures and musical shows, constituting itself as “a multidisciplinary event of importance in the cultural panorama of the region”.

The scenarios chosen to carry out the projections stand out for their “unique characteristics”, including an old train station, the ruins of a Roman city, a medieval bridge over the Sever River and a mill converted into a museum, as well as the region’s castles .

Among the usual stages of the festival are the Portuguese towns of Marvão, Galegos, Portagem, Beirã and Santo António das Areias, in the municipality of Marvão, and the Spanish towns of Valencia de Alcántara and Fontañera, in the province of Cáceres.

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