Film ‘Partida’ wins Porto international competition Porto/Post/Doc

The film “Partida”, by Brazilian Caco Ciocler, won the Vicente Pinto de Abreu Grand Prize today, for the best work in the international competition of the Porto/Post/Doc festival.

The film “A Nossa Terra, O Nosso Altar“, by André Guiomar, won the Companhia das Culturas/Fundação Pereira Monteiro Award, for best director of the International Competition among emerging authors, while “Êxtase“, by Moara Passoni, received the Society Award. Portuguesa de Autores – Cinema Falado, for the best film in Portuguese.

The Transmission section prize was awarded to “Niños Somos Todos, by Sergi Camerón, and the Cinema Novo Award by Canal 180 went to Há Quem Na Terra, by Francisca Magalhães, Joana Tato Borges and Maria Canela, and was also highlighted an honorable mention for “Jamaika” by Alexander Sussman.

Over the course of nine days, Porto/Post/Doc took place mainly at the Teatro Municipal Rivoli, which was joined by Passos Manuel and the Planetário do Porto, which hosted special sessions.

Nine works competed in the international section, from Portugal, France, South Africa, Laos, Spain, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Iraq.

The jury included professors, researchers, curators and filmmakers António Preto, Erika Balsom and Ramiro Ledo Cordeiro, in the international competition, and Eduarda Neves, Inês Moreira and Sérgio Dias Branco, in the Cinema Falado section.

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