Film Show in the Landscape premieres in Faial this week

The first edition of Landscapes – International Landscape Film Show, which runs from August 17 to 19, in Horta, will show the national debut of ‘L. Cohen ‘, a James Benning film that honors Leonard Cohen.

The initiative explores the theme of the landscape, which is worked in different ways in all the works exhibited, and proposes the projection of the films in various scenarios of the city of Faial.

Featured on the program is the national debut of “L. Cohen,” a film by James Benning, which starts from the setting of a US farmhouse to think about the work of musician Leonard Cohen, who died in 2016.

The selection of films also includes Abbas Kiarostami’s “Shirin,” “D’Est,” a feature film that chronicles the journey of filmmaker Chantal Akerman from East Germany to Moscow, and Sharon Lockhart’s “Rudzienko” a documentary that explores the search for the voice of young women at the Rudzienko Youth Center for Socio-Therapy in Poland.

The first edition of Landscapes – International Film Festival, organized by Rita Morais and Gina Macedo, in partnership with the CineClube of Faial, aims to bring “different ways of seeing” through the exploration of “a language that lies between paths – – that of the visible things present in Nature and that of the discourse in its interpretative possibility. ”

The initiative, free of charge, is sponsored by Peter Café Sport and takes place within the framework of the celebrations of the centenary of the emblematic faialense bar.

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