Film ‘The tree’ by André Gil Mata debuts today in theaters

The film ‘A Árvore’, by the Portuguese director André Gil Mata, debuts today in Portuguese cinemas, after having gone through several festivals, such as Berlin and IndieLisboa.

According to Nitrato Filmes, ‘A Árvore’ will have exhibitions in Porto, in Lisbon, in Coimbra and, in the following weeks, will be shown in Amarante, Castelo Branco, Tavira and Guimarães, in some cases with the presence of the director.

‘A Árvore’, that was selected for the festival of Berlin, was worth to André Gil Mata the prize of better accomplishment for Portuguese feature film, in April in the IndieLisboa.

At the time, André Gil Mata said that the film was produced and shot in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where he did the doctorate.

‘The Tree’ follows a character divided by two actors (Petar Fradelic and Filip Zivanovic) who wander through a village in a forest of desolation, war and darkness.

With long plans, almost without dialogue, underlining the image and sound, ‘The Tree’ is a film marked by the war. It may be the Balkan war, knowing that the film was filmed in Bosnia, but it could be another conflict of the past or of the future.

For André Gil Mata, the film “plays a lot with this issue of circularity of time and the repetition of things and this question of our lives being much more circular than linear.”

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