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Film by Radu Ciorniciuc won the Melgaço International Documentary Festival

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The film ‘Acasa’, by the Romanian Radu Ciorniciuc, won the Jean Loup Passek prize, for the best international feature film, at the 7th edition of the Melgaço International Documentary Festival (MDoc).

‘Acasa’ follows the story of a family forced to leave the house where they live in perfect harmony with nature, a cabin by the lake, and move to the city due to the construction of a public park in that place.

The jury, considering the quality of the 19 feature films in the competition, also decided to give two special mentions in the international feature film category, to the films ‘Lúa Vermella’, by the Galician director Lois Patiño, and ‘Colombia in My Arms’ by the Finns Jenni KivistÖ and Jussi Rastas.

‘Imperdonable’, by Spaniard Marlén Viñayo, which portrays a story of homosexuality inside a prison in El Salvador, won in the category of Best International Short or Medium-length.

‘Amor Fati’, by the Portuguese Cláudia Varejão, was awarded the Jean Loup Passek prize for Best Portuguese Documentary.

In this edition of the MDoc, the jury for the Jean Loup Passek award was made up of the directors Julia Kushnarenko, Susana de Sousa Dias, Alessandro Negrini and Alfonso Palazón Meseguer, and by the teacher and programmer Jane Pinheiro.

This year the festival awarded for the first time the Jean Loup Passek prize for Best Film Poster, worth 2,000 euros.

The MDoc, organized by Ao Norte – Audiovisual Production and Animation Association, in partnership with the Municipality of Melgaço, intends to promote and publicize ethnographic and social cinema, reflect on identity, memory and borders and contribute to an audiovisual archive about the region.

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