Filomena Savoy’s “Maria (with) Mania” – Real Life Chronicles

With presentation by Cecília Carmo and Gonçalo Martins

The book “Maria (com) Mania”, by Filomena Savoy, will be released on December 8th, at 4:30 pm, at Stockroom Studio, in Estoril. Edited by Chiado Books, this original work brings together more than half a hundred chronicles that Filomena Savoy has been publishing since 2013 on his personal Facebook page.

Maria just wants to believe that having the craze is trying to be happy every day and that only humour and love can save us!”, Says Filomena Sabóia. The presentation of the work will be in charge of Cecília Carmo who signs the preface and Gonçalo Martins, representing Chiado Books.

As Filomena Savoy explains: “Nothing happens by chance and everything ends with one purpose: to start over! Being optimistic is neither chosen nor learned. Being optimistic is a craze for those who prefer to be happy instead of sad. The sun began to peek and the dark clouds were disappearing. “Maria Mania” is born. It is born of normal childbirth. A page, like a mother who has just given birth. Experience, little. Willingness to see it grow, a lot! It has been feeding her for six years. Write because you like it. You write because you have the craze you can write. The name, obviously, of a page that didn’t make it to blog because the craze didn’t give it so much. There are others … The crazes within the “Maria Mania” are nowhere, aligned without meaning. In life, few things make sense, only what makes sense. And that’s what they want to give you. Stay with the stories that die now so you can be born again!

Cecilia Carmo writes in the preface to the book: “Maria has the craze. It has the craze that your texts do not please those who read them. Nothing faker! Maria writes like no one else! She writes with her soul, with her heart and lets us penetrate her texts to be part of them, to live the stories she tells us and to visualize all the details she relates. Reading your texts causes our feelings and that is the best that anyone who writes can have. Sometimes we get angry, sometimes we feel happy but also fun, sad, melancholic, thoughtful. Because Maria makes us think. We think that we do not observe how we should be doing everything around us. Because of all this, Mary’s insight makes us ‘come down to earth’ and reflect that life is really so easy after all, as long as we don’t complicate it.

What a great idea the editors of Chiado Books had in compiling Maria Mania’s texts. From Facebook to paper, because every story goes on, every story is neatly arranged in a book that can (and should) be read and reread. It was a great honour for me to have been invited to leave this brief but very meaningful testimony here. Thank you, Filomena! And for each one of you: read and enjoy these wonderful stories! ”Concludes Cecilia Carmo.

Filomena Saboia, 49, was born in Cascais on April 1st. April Fools’ Day! Daughter of Alentejo parents who spoiled her more than they should. Has a daughter who is older than her! She worked with Vera Lagoa at the newspaper “O Diabo” and is currently Secretary of Administration at Casino Estoril. Loves to travel and has a passion for writing. There is a Facebook page with the same name where you collect chronicles. Attends a Mandarin course, wherein almost two years he has learned to say 10 words!

Launched by Chiado Books, a publisher of excellence, which has been betting, with very positive results on revelations, the work “Maria (com) Mania” promises to surprise readers, constituting a good option as a Christmas gift.

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