Philosophy, education, literature and visual art at Espaço Talante

Marcia Tiburi will occupy the LX Factory cultural centre with an exhibition, real-time creation and a philosophy course on Sundays.

Philosopher, writer, teacher, researcher, presenter, politician and visual artist. Marcia Tiburi is a true multimedia person and arrives at Espaço Talante to take care of the cultural centre in the most different ways. In “Ocupação Marcia Tiburi”, which runs from November 25th to January 15th, the artist will exhibit her visual works, create in the eyes of the public and teach a philosophy course.

“I have always been a philosophy teacher. I graduated in visual arts 30 years ago, but philosophy completely took over my life. Until I had to leave Brazil, at the end of 2018. And then, I started drawing by myself. And since I didn’t really know what to do with my life, which way I was going, I decided to create a work project involving my two novels written and drawn in notebooks, unique works. And, at the same time, I started to work on a large piece of cloth, measuring 3m by 2.5m, which is a visual work and, at the same time, a philosophy book”, says Marcia, explaining her facet as an artist.

Out of Brazil since 2018, due to the many threats to her life after being a candidate for the governorship of the state of Rio de Janeiro for the Workers’ Party, Marcia Tiburi is a victim of the politics of hate that plagues Brazil. She moved to Paris, where she managed to combine her passion for philosophy with the arts.

I sent a project to an institution called the Institute of International Education and they have an artist protection fund. I had left Brazil and I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I haven’t been able to go back since that time. And I ended up realizing, little by little, that I was in the situation of an exiled person. Where I am still, unfortunately, to this day. So I started to work based on the scholarship I received in 2020. For a year I was able to dedicate myself to my paintings and ended up holding an exhibition, which was called “Terradorada”, in September and October 2022, at the Paris City Hall”, says the artist.

From “Terradora”, a pun on “worshipped land”, from the Brazilian national anthem, with “golden land”, comes Lisbon visual works that are at the same time books, panels and atlases. Among them, a philosophy book measuring 3m by 2.80m; “Gold Eaters 2”, a rereading of a 16th-century engraving; and the works Marcia Tiburi will work on during the exhibition, at Espaço Talante itself, from Tuesday to Friday, from 3 pm to 6 pm, in the performance she named “Essay of writing”.

“I will design the same book that I exhibited in Paris, a French book called “Sous mes pieds, mon corps”, which was already published in 2018, in Portuguese. It is the novel of a woman who lived in exile. I published it, oddly enough, before leaving Brazil. Then I myself ended up falling into this condition of exile. I designed this book in French. And now, in Portugal, I’m going to draw this one in Portuguese, in front of the public that wants to watch this moment. It is a handwritten work, drawn, painted and embroidered, I use several techniques ”, she explains.

Café Filosófico on Sundays

In addition to showing her creation process in real time, Marcia Tiburi will teach courses during Talante’s occupation. For four Sundays, Café Filosófico will bring current themes such as “Writing Essay: between philosophy and literature” (November 27), “Images that make you think” (December 4), “Philosophy, art, literature against fascism” ( 11 December) and “The Opposite of Loneliness: A Feminist Approach” (18 December).

Courses will be paid and with limited places. Each class will cost 30 euros. Whoever buys all four will pay 80 euros. And it is still possible to do a good deed: offering a scholarship for the course to those who cannot afford to pay the solidarity fee of 150 euros. Whoever chooses this option gets an exclusive miniature (size 15cm X 15cm) printed in Fine Art with mineral ink of a work by Marcia Tiburi (Sous mes pieds, mon corps, 2021-2022, pen and acrylic ink on cloth). Comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

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