“Fim do Mundo” by Ala dos Namorados is the theme of the new TVI soap opera

Yesterday, “Queridos Papás”, TVI’s new soap opera, premiered. ‘Fim do Mundo’, hit by Ala dos Namorados, is the opening line of this new entertainment bet on the fourth channel.

This news arrives in the same month that the band will edit the first single from their next album, ‘Eu Só Sei Cantar Assim’. On the 31st of March, Ala dos Namorados lifts the veil of the first song from the album on which it has been working lately and which will be released soon.

A letra de ‘Eu Só Sei Cantar Assim’ é de João Gil, que acredita que “vivemos num tempo sem tempo a perder.” Para vivermos uma vida plena de sentido e felicidade, afirmar a nossa identidade torna-se um “desafio”, nas palavras do autor.

É desta forma que o músico e poeta vê o seu amigo de longa data e colega de banda, Nuno Guerreiro. “Quando ouvi o tema pela primeira vez não queria acreditar – a canção falava sobre mim!”, conta Nuno, surpreendido. “É muito da minha pessoa. O João conhece-me bem”, remata.

The lyrics of ‘Eu Só Sei Cantar Assim’ are by João Gil, who believes that “we live in a time with no time to waste.” In order to live a life full of meaning and happiness, affirming our identity becomes a “challenge”, in the words of the author.

This is how the musician and poet see his longtime friend and bandmate, Nuno Guerreiro. “When I heard the song for the first time, I couldn’t believe it – the song was about me!”, says Nuno, surprised. “It’s very much like me. João knows me well”, he concludes.

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