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Final do campeonato de futsal decide-se entre Sporting e Benfica

Playoff do campeonato nacional de futsal

Sporting reaches the final after beating Leões de Porto Salvo 5-1, at Pavilhão João Rocha, while Benfica received Fundão and won 3-2.


The Lions received at home other Lions, but from Porto Salvo they defeated 5-1, thus winning two games in three of the Playoff semi-finals. Porto Salvo even played well with whit nine minutes of the game scored the first for Porto Salvo.

Sporting, however, before the break managed to restore equality by Diego Cavinato, in the second half the game would be dominated by Sporting’s, Diego Cavinato would score again, Taynan also scored and Merlim would also score for the European champions in title, sentenced the match giving the victory, to Sporting.


Benfica beat Fundão but with great difficulty, only two minutes from the end, when they lost 1-2, they scored the two goals that gave him the victory and the passport to the final.

Benfica, who entered the João Rocha pavilion with an advantage, after the 3-0 victory in Fundão, would end up experiencing many difficulties to defeat the Beira Baixa team.

In the 6th minute, Fábio Cecílio opened the scoring for the Lisbon team, a result that reached the break, but in the second half, Fundão with 2 goals by Mário Freitas and Felipe Leite, took the lead in the score.

Fundão was close to winning the match and forcing a third game, but with 2 minutes left, Arthur and Ivan Chishkala scored the 2 goals that would end up winning Benfica.

Benfica and Sporting will play the first game of the final on June 3.


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