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Epic finale with the audience on stage at the dEUS concert in Lisbon

Coliseu dos Recreios

If the beginning was calm, it was in a crescendo that the Belgian band dEUS, as conducted the concert at the Lisbon Coliseum, but nothing could prepare us, for a crowd on top of the stage, at the end of the concert.

dEUS are already a regular presence on Portuguese stages, this time at the Coliseu, in a concert included in the “How to Replace It” tour, where the songs from the last album dominate, but other themes from their career also had their place.


And it was with the fantastic “Suds & Soda from “Worst Case Scenario”, released in 1994, that the band ended the concert in Lisbon, already after the encore and thanks, when Klaas Janzoons on the violin, began to strum the first note, the public, in the form of a field invasion, took the stage, almost making the band disappear, and with dEUS, sang the mythical theme in chorus.


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The first part was in charge of Ão

Ão, banda que também veio da Bélgica, foi a responsável pela primeira parte, que presenteou o publico do Coliseu com temas em português, já que conta com uma vocalista portuguesa, nascida no Porto, o quarteto com uma sonoridade folk electrónico, que rapidamente conquistou o publico que esteve presenta na sala de Lisboa.

Ão, a band that also came from Belgium, was responsible for the first part, which presented the Coliseu audience with themes in Portuguese, since it has a Portuguese vocalist, born in Porto, the quartet with an electronic folk sound, which quickly conquered the public that was present in the Lisbon concert.


dEUS concerto setlist

How to Replace It
Must Have Been New
Constant Now
The Architect
Girls Keep Drinking
Man Of The House
W.C.S (First Draft)
Faux Bamboo
Instant Street
Fell Off the Floor, Man
Simple Pleasures
Quatre mains
Sun Ra

Love Breaks Down
Bad Timing
Suds & Soda

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