Fine Wine Traveller: the new app that wants to bring Portuguese wines closer to a younger consumer

Information on producers, tips from renowned sommeliers or proposals for wine tourism experiences in Portugal is some of the features provided by the application. The objective is to involve wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs around the national wine offer, in a relaxed and uncomplicated way.

Bringing the universe of national wines closer to a younger audience is the main objective of the Fine Wine Traveller app, which is addressed to all wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts, regardless of their level of knowledge on the subject, through a communication simple and uncomplicated.

Proposing to deconstruct the idea that the world of wines is something restricted only to great connoisseurs and that requires mastery of a series of rules and labels, the new app brings together a set of useful, relevant and reliable information, for those who want to learn more about this topic, along with leisure suggestions, so that people can have fun and take advantage of the knowledge they acquire.

In this context, Fine Wine Traveler users will be able to discover the various producers that are spread across the different Portuguese wine regions, benefit from tips from some of the most renowned sommeliers in Portugal, have access to sharing recipes for wine cocktails or dishes for harmonizing, as well as suggestions on the best wine tourism experiences available in our country. The application also allows you to follow the main news and events that may interest wine lovers.

We want to involve people around Portuguese wine and the various aspects associated with it, giving them all the necessary information, in a relaxed and accessible way, so that they can get to know and value a product that is increasingly differentiating and strategic for our country”, explains Ana Bessa, Marketing & Communication Manager at GisGeo, the information systems company behind this project.

By gathering this information on a single platform and providing an easy and intuitive consultation through this application, we believe that this will be a way of attracting new consumers and reaching a younger segment. All those who are interested in this topic and who, eventually, are still taking their first steps in this universe, can do their research here, ask questions and even demystify some concepts with the help of professionals. Basically, our desire is that each user can become the sommelier of their group of friends”, she says.

Fine Wine Traveler is a free app, with content available in Portuguese and English, and which can be found on the main operating systems (Google Play, App Store and AppGallery). Focused, at the moment, on being implemented among the Portuguese, the expectation is that, in 2023, the application will have a launch strategy for the international market.

As far as content is concerned, the application already allows you to search and have access to the offer of more than 700 wine producers in different national regions. In each result, the user has the possibility to access the geolocation of the producer in question, to establish direct contact with him and to share, with other users, his classification in relation to the proposal presented. In the “Wine Lovers” area, it is possible to find different content to learn about and follow the world of Portuguese wines, including a section signed by sommelier Luís Moreira, from the renowned Casa da Calçada Relais & Châteaux, in Amarante.
The project also counts with the collaboration of several ambassador partners, leading companies in the field of wines, which, on a regular basis, will present, in the application and on the Fine Wine Traveller’s social networks, outstanding content and special offers for users.

The application was created and developed by GisGeo Information Systems, a company with the Spin-off seal of the University of Porto, founded in 2008 and specialized in the development of software and geographic information systems (GIS). At a time when tourism is still taking its first steps in the era of digitalization, GisGeo intends to position itself as a reference company in this sector, through the creation of web and mobile software solutions, tailored to accompany the interests of professionals in this area and to respond to the current needs of tourists. Among the main projects designed by Gisgeo for the tourism sector are clients such as CCDR-N, the Cape Verde Tourism Institute or the Macedo de Cavaleiros Geopark.

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