Finneas confirmed at NOS Alive’20

Finneas singer, songwriter and producer is the latest confirmation on the NOS Alive’20 Stage.

Finneas O’Connell, known as FINNEAS, will be at NOS Alive’20 which is one of the most sought after singers today.
It acts July 10 on the same day as Billie Eilish and Cage The Elephant.

The organization’s statement reads “Los Angeles singer, songwriter and music producer has about a dozen singles released and has accumulated over 75 million DSP streamings. FINNEAS presented the long-awaited EP ‘Blood Harmony’ released last October, revealing the single ‘Shelter’. ”

Finneas wrote Billie Eilish two of his biggest hits, ‘ocean eyes’, ‘when the party’s over’ and ‘bad guy’ who in addition to writing the theme also produced it and hit the Billboard Hot 100 Charts list. It was also # 1 on the Hot 100 Producers list.

In addition to Finneas, the 2020 NOS Alive edition features Billie Eilish, Cage The Elephant, Caribou, Da Weasel, Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers, Taylor Swift, Two Door Cinema Club and Wolf Parade.

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