Firgun presents new single on May 29th

“Firgun” is (in modern Hebrew) a word with a Yiddish origin. This translates the idea of ​​being happy with someone’s success; it means sharing or contributing to someone’s pleasure or destiny, generously and without jealousy or envy. It is, at the base of everything, a feeling … And that is exactly what Firgun seeks with his music.

Mandrião is the new single from Firgun. It results from a strong criticism by Firgun of his own inertia and ends up becoming a loud and direct appeal to his listener’s action. It is a true hymn to the indolent who says he wants to embrace causes and assume love but never overcomes lethargy. It is, without taking out or putting on, a successful attempt to sing something that we hear the simplest popular saying: “whoever wants to find a way.”

As the message progresses to an increasingly direct tone and the author’s rejection of the unwillingness to be and act becomes increasingly clear, the rhythm of the music accelerates until it culminates in “Oh, you big brother, you will move the body or not? ”.

The chorus is the climax of the outburst, the synthesis of everything that has been said, and adds the key to the letter to understand it. It intends to convey the idea that the will requires action and that without action, neither love, nor causes, nor being, nor non-being are possible and, although acting may be simply and simply deciding something, it is crucial for we can be the manifestation of our wishes and the will of those who want us in their life. Without action, there is no happiness and it is inaction that makes any skipper unhappy.

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