First anti-Covid toy arrives in Europe with Portuguese development and production

With more than 20,000 units already produced ‘Antivirus’, a toy developed by Science4you to help children better understand, in a fun and educational way, the invisible world of viruses, bacteria and fungi, which we are talking about as a result of the new coronavirus, now reaches more than 1,000 points of sale across Europe.

This is the first toy in the anti-Covid world, due to its pedagogical approach with the youngest, launched by Science4you, after the company itself has reinvented itself to respond quickly to the challenges of the pandemic, and has started to develop in its factory. alcohol-gel and goggles, elements that have become essential in protecting and fighting the virus.

“This is the first toy in the world that helps children to understand, in a less heavy way, what a virus is and how we can protect ourselves against Covid-19. Given the current circumstances, innovation is critical for any company that wants to be successful in this atypical year. At Science4you we innovated, in a first phase, with the production of products to help people protect themselves and we quickly realized that we could also innovate within our core business, with the creation of this toy. Now, ‘Antivirus’ reaches Europe, outlets in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, among others,” explains Miguel Pina Martins, CEO of Science4you.

“After all, what is the virus? And a bacterium? How does a virus originate and how do they spread?” Antivirus challenges children to be true microbiology scientists and to create their own experimental culture media to grow microbes and fungi, using an antivirus kit, while teaching them how to build their own protective visor and mask. This toy also allows children to make their own soap and learn to wash their hands properly.

Antivirus is suitable for children from 8 years of age and includes, in addition to the educational book, 15 experiences and all the necessary material to be a true scientist. The toy is already on sale in the online store, in all Science4you physical stores, and now also in several points of sale in Europe for the price of €19.99.

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