First clinic with individual hyperbaric oxygenation chamber inaugurated in Porto

Located on 5 de Outubro Street, PhysioClinic will provide Advanced Physiotherapy services and is born with the goal of helping high-competition athletes address their injury treatment, maintenance during sports and performance enhancement needs.

The project results from the joint efforts of two of the most prominent national physiotherapists in invasive physiotherapy – Tiago Silva and Marcelo Pereira -, which through a partnership with Prim, a renowned Spanish brand and world leader in the development of high technology equipment in the area. of health, brings to Porto the first individual hyperbaric oxygenation chamber in the country.

“This is the first physiotherapy unit associated with Prim, not only in Portugal but worldwide. It is a pioneering project that will allow us to access the latest technology. In many cases, the use of the hyperbaric chamber enables to reduce the recovery time of injuries to less than half of what would be the normal recovery time “, emphasizes the physiotherapist Tiago Silva.

The same official says that “not invalidating the treatment of anyone else, PhysioClinic’s services are mainly intended for sportsmen. We will work with advanced Manual Therapy techniques and also with eco guided techniques in which we will always have the contribution of an ultrasound. in consultations, which allows us to understand if the problem is really physical or systemic. ”

The physiotherapist Marcelo Pereira considers that “hyperbaric medicine is a therapy that revolutionizes current physical therapy. The fact that we can increase the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood up to 6.3% increases oxygenation, leading to all cells that have difficulty regenerate are better nourished. Since everything that is a lesion always has an oxygen deficit, an increase of inflammation, with the hyperbaric chamber we can improve all these components, reducing the recovery time dramatically. ”

In addition to the services available to athletes, which aim to better control the evolution of athletes during peak seasons of sport, reducing the risk of injury and, during injury, make return to play a task outlined above which is found in today’s rehabilitation and performance landscape, PhysioClinic will be providing services for pediatric osteopathy, podoposturology, clinical pilates, clinical exercise, naturopathy, among others.

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