First summer weekend with temperatures reaching 34°C

Summer begins today and there is warmth to the south and sun to shine in the rest of the country, but for a short time. Predictions point to rain on Sunday in the northern and central regions, especially on the coast. The Algarve ‘sums and follows’, without rain forecast for the next ten days.

For this Friday, the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere foresees for the continental territory a small increase of the maximum temperature and little cloudy sky or clear, presenting periods of greater cloudiness in the North and Center regions and in the Alto Alentejo until mid-morning , cloudiness that is expected to remain in the northeast of the country until the end of the afternoon.

For tomorrow, Saturday, meteorologists expect a small rise in the maximum temperature, especially in the Interior, and also a little cloudy sky, presenting periods of greater cloudiness in the Coast until mid-morning, becoming very cloudy in the Coastal area north of Cape Mondego from the end of the afternoon. It is also pointed out the possibility of rainy periods, generally weak, in Minho and Douro Litoral at the end of the day. The IPMA points to Sunday also the possibility of rainy periods in the North and Center regions, especially on the coast.

In terms of temperatures, the Algarve will be the region to do more justice to the summer, with Faro registering on Friday a maximum of 31ºC and, for example, the municipality of Alcoutim reaching 34ºC on Saturday and 32ºC on Sunday. There is no rain forecast in the Algarve, nor at the weekend, nor over the next ten days.

In Alentejo, the forecast points to a maximum of 29ºC in Beja and Évora on Friday, and 31ºC on Saturday, and 30ºC on Sunday.

Lisbon arrives today at 25ºC maximum, Saturday rises to 26ºC and Sunday falls to 22ºC, with rain expected to remain until Tuesday of next week.

In the rest of the continental territory, Portalegre arrives today at 27ºC maximum and at the weekend at 28ºC. Santarém can count on 26ºC this Friday and 31ºC and 26ºC, Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Leiria, Coimbra, Aveiro, Porto, Braga, and Viana do Castelo will have temperatures varying between 21ºC (in Porto) and 25ºC (in Coimbra). The districts of Interior, Castelo Branco, Guarda, Viseu, Vila Real, and Bragança will receive the summer with temperatures varying between 29ºC in Castelo Branco and 22ºC in Guarda.

In Madeira, Funchal arrives this Friday at 24ºC maximum, the same temperature forecast for Porto Santo, without rain to the mix. The same can not be said of the Azores where the forecast points to rain and maximum temperatures in all the islands around 22ºC and 23ºC.

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