Five courses host the Portuguese Athletics Championships

The Portuguese Athletics Federation enforces the restrictions defined for the use of sports venues and for the practice of sports, while minimizing travel, accommodation and meals needs outside the place of residence of athletes, coaches, officials, judges and support staff.

Most athletes will be at the University Stadium, in Lisbon, but will also compete in Braga, Madeira (Ribeira Brava) and the Azores (Ponta Delgada and Angra do Heroísmo).

Who else will feel the difference in format will certainly be the athletes from the islands, with some events in which there will even be only one athlete in action, at the stadium.

With the only exception of the 100 meters, all races will be disputed by series, with the crossing of marks for the final classifications. The same rule applies to competitions.

Ultimately, there may even be a podium made up of athletes who have been in action at three different stadiums.

In practice, the most highly rated will be in Lisbon, namely representing Sporting and Benfica.

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