Five million euros for biomedical research in Portugal

The “Iberian Initiative for Biomedical Research and Innovation, i4b” will support a total of 20 research projects in the area of ​​health and bio medicine in Portugal and Spain with 12 million euros. In the first contest promoted in Portugal by the partnership of the “la Caixa” Foundation with the Foundation for Science and Technology, there is a grant of five million euros to finance eight projects that seek solutions for problems ranging from malaria to depression, heart or respiratory disease. The winners are announced this Wednesday in a session at the Pavilion of Knowledge in Lisbon.

Oncology, neurosciences, infectious and cardiovascular diseases and a fifth open door for “transdisciplinary projects with impact on medicine” are the priority areas of this Iberian contest of millions, which house private and public funding.

Among the eight Portuguese winners is the researcher Maria Mota, from the Institute of Molecular Medicine of Lisbon, who proposed another project that wants to help clarify the mechanisms of infection of the parasite that causes malaria. This time, the team will try to understand which are the allies of the parasite in the liver, the place where the disease installs and progresses. “The aim is to find new treatments that halt the replication of the pathogen and eliminate malaria,” says a summary of the work.

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