Fixando reveals who most benefited from the state of emergency and confinement in Portugal

In the face of the Covid-19 outbreak and the resulting confinement, there were strong changes in the demand and consumption patterns of the Portuguese and, according to SIBS, there was an 18% increase in the average value of online transactions during the period of the State of Emergency, it is estimated, at the same time, that e-commerce has grown by 40% to 60% with confinement.

The market for hiring online services did not go unnoticed by consumers and from March 22 to May 2, 2020 (period of the State of Emergency), we registered, on the Fixando platform, an average growth in demand for services of 120%, with a estimated average increase in the total value of transactions by at least € 75,000 when compared to the same period last year.

While there was a drop in the order of 90% in event-related services (which in estimated transaction value means a minimum loss of € 370,000 in the sector), home-related services managed to increase their average transaction level, resulting in an increase of the total transaction value of at least € 875,000.

Delivery services, home treatment of animals, repair of household appliances and electronic equipment, and home improvement services are the services that we highlight as most sought after by the Portuguese in this period of confinement.

It is possible to observe that the average value was influenced by demand (as is the case with deliveries, where the average transaction value was located at € 18 in 2019 and which during the confinement period rose to € 44), but also by new business models that emerged with isolation (highlighting the training for dogs, whose average value per pack of classes / transaction was located at € 196 in 2019 and which drops to € 20 in 2020, making unitary classes the most common transaction and not the packs, mainly due to the adaptation of professionals to a new reality, where these training sessions are given via the web and the lesson packages are replaced by individual sessions, the same is true, for example, for guitar lessons).

Regarding the lack of definition, there was an exponential growth in the demand for services in the first days, which has been maintained until now. The Portuguese are now not only looking for the services they postponed due to isolation, but also changing their consumption and living patterns, as they increasingly seek services that allow them to increase the comfort of their homes and your quality of life.

We highlight solicitors with a growth of 1100% and marriage counseling, with a growth of 667%. With regard to the most sought-after categories, we highlight the Energy Certification of Buildings, which reveals a return to normality, House Cleaning (a recurring service) and the Hotel for Dogs, showing a sign of hope on the part of the Portuguese regarding vacations. Summer for 2020.

The confinement also caused many professionals to change their work habits: for some, the transition to digital was enough, however, for others, the only alternative was the reinvention of their work, experimenting with other areas and looking for solutions that allow them to maintain their income.

We registered on our platform an increase of 940% of professionals in the area of ​​meal deliveries (as a result of the adaptation of catering companies and restaurants), an increase of 790% in courier services (since it is an area where exhaustive training is not necessary and where it is easy to measure good performance quickly), an increase of 620% in the areas of Personal Coaching and Wellness and an increase in the order of 490% in various categories related to the area of ​​teaching (Portuguese classes, explanations of history, among others).

Based on our experience as a platform, we believe that in the coming months we will continue to see an exponential growth in demand for services that have been delayed due to confinement, reaching pre-confinement values ​​within 3 to 4 months.

With regard to professionals, we estimate that, with the exception of event professionals, around 80% have already returned to active life, although with a monthly turnover lower than the same period in 2020.

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