FixandoPay will generate €2M of transactions per month

The biggest platform for contracting local services in Portugal, Fixando, has just announced a new feature on its platform that guarantees its 26,000 professionals immediate receipt whenever contracted, as payment requests can now be requested instantly.

Now there is absolute control over all transactions, and, free of commissions, the contractor is able to check all movements, payment status, and still have a complete record of all his services and customers.

On the client-side, a huge sense of security is transmitted, since there is a bank register of all movements between client and professional and no longer requires a face-to-face payment, revealing itself as a security board in this context of pandemic.

This process was only possible after Fixando reached an agreement with fintech EuPago, which currently leads the number of electronic transactions (in volume) in Portugal.

According to Fixando, security and accessibility were the priorities, as it is somehow helping to boost the necessary transition from the tertiary to the digital sector.

“With regard to transactions through FixandoPay, we believe that the monthly value can quickly reach € 2m per month”, anticipates Alice Nunes, director of Business Development at Fixando

Available at any time, just access the platform and send a payment request to the customer.

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