Flamenco with Eduardo Guerrero at TMJB

December 3rd

Sombra efímera II, with choreography and interpretation by Eduardo Guerrero, will be on stage at TMJB, on December 3rd, at 9 pm.

Eduardo Guerrero is one of the most renowned flamenco dancers today. Born in Cádiz, Spain, in 1983, he started dancing at just six years old and learned from masters such as Mario Maya, Antonio Canales and Manolo Marín. He studied Spanish dance at the Cádiz Conservatory and later extended his studies to classical and contemporary dance. He has been a principal performer in shows by the Aida Gómez Company, the National Ballet of Spain, by Eva Yerbabuena, Rocío Molina, Javier Latorre, and Rafael Aguila, among others. In 2011, he began creating his own shows, starting with the award-winning Mayo.

Sombra Efímera is a show created in 2018 but which gained a new chapter the following year. Sombra Efímera II does not have a linear narrative, being constructed from episodes and revealing the choreographer’s will to continue to investigate the tradition of flamenco dance and artistic experimentation through the use of new technologies and artistic installation, adding to it Sufi poetry. It all starts on a white, clean stage, which becomes progressively dirty and occupied by chaos. In the background, a mountain of sand, a sculptural piece, accompanies the passage of time in the piece, also challenging the performers. On stage, Eduardo Guerrero shows his wild strength. A slow start and a game of silences give way to a show of undeniable talent in which the dancer combines the contemporary arts of movement with the plastic and visual arts. Always having flamenco as the protagonist.

Ephemeral Shadow II (Main Room, Saturday, December 3, 2022, at 9 pm.) M/12 | 70 min. ?? Price: between €10.50 and €15 (Club of Friends: €7.50)

Choreography and performance by Eduardo Guerrero

Director art and scenography Mateo Feijoó
Light Design Miguel Ángel Camacho
Musical direction Javier Ibáñez
Canto Samara Montañez, Manuel Soto
Guitar Javier Ibáñez

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