Flávio Torres at Casa Music tomorrow at 9:30 pm

After “Canções de Bolso” and “Canalha”, Flávio Torres deposits his energy and the experiences of the last years in new songs, which will be singles to be edited during the coming times, in order to complete his third long-duration – work produced by Bernardo Barata (Devil on the Cross).

The new single “Na Same Mão” is available on all online platforms and with a very special video. Flávio presents a renewed pop/folk show with many emotions, where he will be accompanied live by the musicians Samuel Inácio (drums), Helder Ramos (bass and keyboard), and Edgar Petejo (electric guitar).

A supernova bursting with universal feelings is the motto of these songs in a concert that calls for equality, inner peace, and love. This is a new starting point for the journey of this musician where destiny shuffles the cards and we play.

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