Flor-de-Liz with a new single on July 3rd

The musical group Flor-de-Liz will release the new single “Acontecer” on July 3rd

“Acontecer” is the second single of 2020 from the band Flor de Lis, a composition inspired by the textures of West African music where the Mali blues takes on a leading role in guitar riffs, and percussions transport us to traditional African music. The music environment is enriched by a strong rhythmic section, giving it an animation that impels you to dance.

A journey that takes us away from the western urban culture towards the landscapes of the African desert. A character who dreams of the freedom of the paths that lead to the desert sands and decides to go looking for the emotion that sublime that desire.

A trip behind the wheel, as if it were a road movie, enjoying the scenery and contemplating everything that exalts a feeling of satisfaction. A path of no return, in search of the perfect place where we really feel at home.

Flor-de-Liz – “Acontecer”


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