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Flora Matos | Coimbra

Thu, Jun 13, 10 p.m.

“Flora is not only the best MC of Brazil, she is among the most interesting artists that have appeared in the country in recent times, far beyond niche styles, but she is among the best MCs here – and leaving in the dust this little “male-dominated universe”, since she sings and rhymes so well. She is a girl and a woman, she has the slightest street malice, without needing to be masculinized or succumbing to male stereotypes about women and she is so good that she does it in a way that seems like what she does is easy – think it over, if it was there a lot of people were rhyming and writing well, singing in tune and (not to mention the hours when she rhymes twice as long or so) and you can not tell when she’s breathing in the air – but that’s okay, huh, I said.It breaks live, you have what to see why there the stage she has the bid of that cool person that everyone knew one day. That good friendship to cultivate. That is to say, Flora enchants not only for the simplicity of his most sagacious friend, but for embodying, as an artist, a broad, multifaceted persona. You want it, get irritated and also ask for shoulder. Like real people. “.
André Maleronka

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