Florence + The Machine release new single, “Mermaids”

“Dance Fever – The Complete Edition” has just been released

Having triggered the release of this new masterpiece with enigmatic images and lyrics from the magical and mythical single “Mermaids”, which is now available in all its glory.

A fitting addition to their fifth album, “Dance Fever”, released last year,Mermaids appears alongside spoken word versions of poems on the themes “King”, “My Love” and “Cassandra”, which have been added to the original album to create “Dance Fever – The Complete Edition”.

“Mermaids” was written and produced by Florence and Dave Bayley. They started working on this song during the “Dance Fever” sessions and finished when Florence was recovering from a broken foot. “Mermaids” is a tale of the mythical creatures of the sea who transform themselves into English girls who roam their towns with reckless abandon – embracing their one night at the beach and dancing as they’ve never danced before (“and the dancefloor-filling with the blood but oh lord, you’ve never been so in love”), enjoying the “blissful oblivion” that comes with drinking, drugs and a desperate desire to belong, love and be loved without regrets or consequences.

A powerful image portrayed by wise lyricism and supported by a monumental musicality. “Mermaids” continues Florence’s momentous growth into one of the UK’s best and most original songwriters and performers. Nobody creates a whole world just in a song in the same way.

Florence + The Machine regressa este ano a Portugal, para um concerto no festival MEO Kalorama, que se realiza de 31 de agosto a 2 de setembro no Parque da Bela Vista, em Lisboa.

“Dance Fever – The Complete Edition” music list

  • “King”
  • “Free”
  • “Choreomania”
  • “Back In Town”
  • “Girls Against God”
  • “Dream Girl Evil”
  • “Prayer Factory”
  • “Cassandra”
  • “Heaven Is Here”
  • “Daffodil”
  • “My Love”
  • “Restraint”
  • “The Bomb”
  • “Mermaids”
  • “Morning Elvis”
  • “King (Poem Version)”
  • “My Love (Poem Version”
  • “Cassandra (Poem Version)”

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