Fnac Live Box Edition celebrating culture at Coliseu dos Recreios

The poster featured Lena d'Água, Clã, David Fonseca, Castilho, Grand Sun, Neon Soho and Maudito

Fnac Live 2020 refuses to leave culture at a standstill and invades the Coliseu dos Recreios with an adapted edition

Last Thursday, October 1st, World Music Day, culture and music were celebrated at the Fnac Live Box Edition with 7 concerts at Coliseu dos Recreios. In addition to the concerts, there was also a fundraiser for the União Audiovisual.

União Audiovisual is an informal group of professionals in the artistic sector, who joined at the beginning of the social crisis caused by COVID-19, as a way of supporting, with the distribution of food, show technicians, artists, makeup artists, hairdressers, producers, directors, and other professionals in the artistic world.

Clã © Patrícia Rodrigues – Portugalinews

The pandemic may have stopped the world for a few months, but the culture refuses to stay put. The program for this year’s edition of Fnac Live included 2 stages and a poster composed by Clã, David Fonseca, Lena d’Água and Fnac’s New Talents Castilho, Grand Sun, Neon Soho, and Maudito.

The doors of the Coliseum opened at 8:00 pm so that the public could enter in a timely manner in order to avoid excessive concentration of people in access to the room. Even though it was a free festival, all seats were marked and properly spaced, there was a limit of 1300 seats, and it was mandatory to wear a mask during the entire show.

David Fonseca © Margarida Rodrigues – Portugalinews

The first concert of the night that premiered the main stage of Fnac Live, at 9 pm, was Castilho‘s. Castilho was the big winner in the musical category of the 18th edition of the Novos Talentos FNAC program, which took place in July this year. He is known for songs like “Come Back”, “Moving Fast, Moving Slow”, “Lucky Ones”, and the most recent “The Wind Blows”.

Between the concerts there were also moments of humor with the group Marretas composed by Salvador Martinha and Inês Lopes Gonçalves, to liven up our wait for the following shows, and so that the technical team could organize the stage.

Salvador Martinha © Margarida Rodrigues – Portugalinews

Debuting the Stage New Talents FNAC was the band Grand Sun, one of FNAC’s new talents that presented some songs of their most recent project “Sal y Amore“.

Afterward, Clã performed on the main stage. Full of energy to which we are already used to, the Portuguese musical group left the Coliseu dos Recreios asking for more with their powerful performance.

Neon Soho and Maudito also performed on the New Talents stage. Neon Soho are formed by Ana Vieira, Vera Condeço, and Ricardo Cruz, Lisbon’s new electronic pop band, with influences from synth-pop to dance music and soul. After the EP Home, released in 2019, the first album of this trio will be released this year, with the production of Rui Maia (X-Wife). Neon Soho were also the winning band of the Festival Termometro in 2019.

Lena D’Agua © Margarida Rodrigues – Portugalinews

Porto rapper Maudito, formerly Weis, reinvented himself and participated in Fnac Live 2020 with songs like “Leva-me Para Longe” and “Dá-me Espaço“.

On the main stage it was David Fonseca‘s turn to perform a concert full of creativity and artistry, and with the special guest Alice Wonder, from Spain, who sang “Resist“.

To finish this edition of Fnac Live, artist Lena d’Água took the stage and enchanted the coliseum with songs like “Vígaro Cá, Vígaro Lá“, “Desalmadamente“, “Queda Para Voar” and “Grande Festa“. 2019 marked Lena d’Água’s comeback to the top national sales with the album “Desalmadamente“, composed entirely of originals written by Pedro da Silva Martins and produced by Benjamim, Mariana Ricardo, Sérgio Nascimento and Francisca Cortesão, an album that was considered the best album of 2019 by Blitz.

For everyone who didn’t have the opportunity to join FNAC Live at Coliseu dos Recreios, there was a live broadcast of the festival on the FNAC Facebook page.


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