Fogo Fogo | Centro Cultural de Belém

Fogo Fogo
CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém
July 15 | 9 p.m
Tickets: €5

The Lisbon that sees these Fogo Fogo being born is vibrant and special: it is a Lisbon where all of Africa fits, especially the one that speaks Portuguese, both the future and the past.

A Lisbon where it is still possible to discover pieces of vinyl collection from the Sharks and all the obscure pearls of author’s edition that the Cape Verdean diaspora recorded in the 1980s and 1990s and that the world has never heard of. This is Lisbon that, like a volcano, expelled Fogo Fogo.

The project by Francisco Rebelo (bass), João Gomes (keys), Márcio Silva (drums) and Danilo Lopes and David Pessoa (voices/guitar) represents the experienced and energetic strength of these musicians who have long accustomed us to these stages abroad.

The five together add up to almost 120 years of career. Each of them is the owner of immense talent, consolidated by years of experience in some of the biggest stages in the world, with projects that have been integrated.

Nástio Mosquito, Angolan poet and musician, writes about Fogo Fogo: «Who told you to be born? I hear Fogo Fogo and I don’t remember diversity. I hear Fogo Fogo and I don’t think about multiculturalism. I hear Fire Fire and feel that they belong to me. Seeing Fogo Fogo feeds parts of us that are hungry for human exchange. It is sweat-perfume that reminds us that having the will sometimes is enough!»

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