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It was without shame in the face that Joana Espadinha presented her new album


B.Leza was the stage chosen for us to hear Joana Espadinha’s new album, Vergonha na Cara (Shame in the Face), a concert that once again confirmed Joana as one of the most beautiful voices and relevant composers in Portugal.

The album transports us to the pop world with a bit of Indie rock that makes Joana’s songs so appealing, after Ninguém nos vai tirar o sol of 2021, which was very well received by the public and critics, Joana dazzles again with Vergonha na Cara.

Joana Espadinha < 2024.05.09 < B.Leza ©Luís M. Serrão @luisfmserrao

Received at B.Leza by an audience of fans and friends, and cherished by everyone who came to hear it, it was with “Nascer do zero”, “Vestir a camisola” and “Será o que ser” themes from her new work that opened the concert.

“Será o que será” was produced by Ben Monteiro from D’Alva, while “Vestir a Camisola” was produced by António Vasconcelos Dias, who with “Será o Que Será”, are the three singles released to present the album, and which sharpened the appetite for this new work.

Joana Espadinha < 2024.05.09 < B.Leza ©Luís M. Serrão @luisfmserrao

Joana tells not only stories of love and everyday life but also the transformation processes that an artist goes through throughout her career, without ever leaving aside the irony and authenticity of her lyrics, which are already becoming a brand image just like her feminine perspective.

After visiting B.Leza, Joana is going to Coimbra today, on May 10th to Salão Brasil and then on May 26th to Novo Ático in Porto, if you can, don’t miss it.

See here the photos of Joana Espadinha’s concert at B.Leza

Joana Espadinha < 2024.05.09 < B.Leza ©Luís M. Serrão @luisfmserrao


  • Nascer do zero
  • Vestir a camisola
  • Será o que será
  • Álibi
  • Ninguém nos vai tirar o Sol
  • Qualquer coisa
  • Até cair em mim
  • Mau feitio
  • Pensa bem
  • Ginger Ale
  • Faz-me acreditar
  • Estamos conversados
  • Bala Perdida
  • Vergonha na Cara

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