For two days “it will be all fado” in Paris

The Fado in Paris Festival will take two days of Portuguese and Fado culture to the French capital, with concerts by Carminho, Jorge Fernando and other performers and musicians in the Trianon room.

We want to bring fado modernity to Paris and have people with us for two days, […] introducing different fadistas to well-known names,” said Valérie do Carmo, president of the Académie de Fado in Paris and one of the co-organizers of the initiative.

The first edition of the Fado in Paris festival will take place on Saturday and Sunday in Paris, with different concerts by national fado singers and projects created in France around fado. On Saturday, Carminho is the head of the poster and the first part of the concert will be in charge of the Fado Clandestino, a musical project born in Paris that joins the Francophony and the Lusophony around the fado.

Already on Sunday, there will be a meeting of “three generations of fado,” said Valérie do Carmo. Jorge Fernando, a fadista and composer, will join the fadistas Luísa Rocha and Mara Pedro for an afternoon that aims to show the diversity of the traditional Portuguese song.

In addition to the concerts, there will be a masterclass for the students of Académie de Fado who are taking their first steps on the instruments with Guilherme Banza on the Portuguese guitar and Rogério Ferreira on the fado viola.

“We also have a meeting between Luísa Rocha and the Portuguese students at Liceu Internacional de Noisy le Grand. They will have a talk about their career, what she does and fado, since fado plays a lot in the Portuguese language because of the poets and of their own language. It is a way of having the connection between culture, fado and language here in Paris, “said Valérie do Carmo.

The concerts and gatherings all take place at the Trianon, one of the mythical concert halls in Paris, where “for two days will be all of the fado,” said the co-organizer.

With the show of Carminho almost exhausted, Valérie do Carmo indicated that the adhesion by the Parisians of all origins has dominated the purchase of tickets and that will be the success of the initiative to be defined if there will be a second edition next year.

We want it to be a success for the public so that we can make a second edition for the year and bring different names of fado, names that have never come to Paris and that show something about fado being a song of the contemporary world,” he concluded.

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