For your safety on the beach, avoid unstable cliffs.

DGS once again appeals to swimmers when they look for the beach shade to avoid being under unstable cliffs

After the accident at Maria Luísa beach in Albufeira, 11 years ago, where five people died. But many of the beachgoers continue to defy danger by taking shelter from the sun under the cliffs of unstable cliffs.

A Spanish tourist was hit on the head with pieces of rock and had to be taken to the hospital on the 11th of this month, so it is important to remember the dangers of unstable cliffs.

Directorate-General for Health (DGS), recalled the appeal on his Facebook page.

For your safety, on the beach, avoid unstable cliffs. Always pay attention to the signs and recommendations given to you by lifeguards and law enforcement officers. Take care of yourself, take care of everyone ”, reads in the DGS publication.

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