Ford makes access to several connected services free

Drivers access the functions of connected vehicles through the FordPass app, which makes it possible to trigger various remote services, including checking the vehicle’s status, fuel and oil levels, autonomy, and opening and closing doors.

Previously, connected vehicle services were available to new-vehicle owners in a two-year trial subscription format.

Ford has now decided not to charge subscription costs for most of its connected services, giving motorists savings of up to €600 over the life of a vehicle.

With the FordPass app, drivers can remotely start the vehicle’s engine, air conditioning the cabin to a comfortable temperature before traveling – a good resource for demisting the car’s windows on a cold morning.

Vehicle condition notifications and alerts alert you to any situation that deserves the driver’s attention, such as low tire pressure or headlight problems. The FordPass app can also show the exact location of the vehicle, which avoids hassles for motorists looking for the place where they left it in a large and busy car park.

With the possibility of locking and unlocking your vehicle remotely, drivers can also confirm whether, in fact, the vehicle was closed after they left it; this function also allows to guarantee temporary access to a friend or family member, without the need to use the vehicle’s physical key.

Owners can view and download summaries of the most recent trips, to better analyze their usage and associated fuel costs, or assist in accounting for kilometers traveled on the job. Movements can also be superimposed on a map to show locations identified with recent sudden braking or acceleration, promoting more efficient driving.

The FordPass app also provides support in the event of a breakdown, in automatic coordination with roadside assistance services, to allow motorists to continue their journey as quickly as possible. The FordPass app sends vehicle location and diagnostic information to the roadside assistance service, offering drivers the ability to see where their assistance service is and how quickly they will meet you.

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