Ford turns Mondeo into an SUV

Mondeo has been experiencing declines in sales worldwide and Ford will take the opportunity to rejuvenate it, transforming it into an electric SUV

Ford is planning a radical overhaul of the Mondeo that will see the longtime model move from a traditional sedan to a more contemporary crossover designed to appeal to a wider range of customers.

The first prototypes of the newcomer were first seen in development tests in the USA, before an early launch in 2022.

The Mondeo, originally unveiled in 1992, was one of the automobiles that helped transform Ford into the commercial success it is today. And now, almost 30 years after its introduction, Ford seems ready to bet on its transformation.

Aiding the decision of Ford executives are the sales figures for this model. If in 2002, when it was launched, Ford sold more than 86000 Mondeo, in 2020 only 2400 were sold.

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