Foreign students will have easy entry into Portugal

Foreign students who want to study in higher education in Portugal will have the entrance facilitated in the country through the simplification of the process, according to an ordinance published today in Diário da República.

The ordinance that defines the streamlining of visa procedures for foreign students takes effect on May 11 and “reinforces the simplification of the process of access and permanence in Portugal by third-country higher education students, and strengthens the mechanisms of cooperation and communication in this area between services of the foreign affairs, internal administration and science, technology and higher education areas.

This is one of the measures provided for in the “Simplex +” initiative within the “fast track for foreign students in Portugal“.

In order to follow up and monitor this ordinance, a committee is set up to coordinate the areas of foreign affairs, internal administration and science, technology and higher education, integrating a representative from each government area to be appointed by the respective minister.

The ordinance also indicates that the number of students of foreign nationality has doubled in Portugal in the last decade, representing today about 50 thousand enrolled and 13% of the total of students of higher education.

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