Former Portuguese international commands Penguins in South America

António da Cunha acknowledges that it was “a great honor to have been invited” by the club.

The former Portuguese rugby international, António da Cunha, was the man chosen to take over as manager of the Penguins International Rugby Football Club on a tour to Argentina and Uruguay, which started on Wednesday.

The executive director of Portugal’s Move Sports will guide one of the most prestigious international clubs of the sport in two top Sevens tournaments: Olivos in Buenos Aires and PSG 7s in Montevideo.

Speaking to his press office, António da Cunha says it is “a great honor to have been invited” and reveals that he accepted “immediately” the possibility of working with the club founded in 1959.

At the Penguins International Rugby Football Club, Portuguese will have the opportunity to work with Tiago Fernandes, from Belenenses, as well as international players such as Brice Henderson, Charlie McKill and Anibal Garrido.

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