Former vocalist of the Supertramp and Xutos & Pontapés together in Leiria

The former Supertramp vocalist, Roger Hodgson, and the Xutos & Pontapés perform at the Estádio de Leiria on May 11, the municipality announced today.

The concert with the English artist replaces the Leiria Festival and, according to a communique from the city council, represents a “strategy to reinforce the programming of the Feira de Leiria”, to “attract new audiences and promote the notoriety of the county”.

At today’s executive meeting, Gonçalo Lopes, the councillor for Culture, announced that the concert involves a total investment of 165 thousand euros, plus VAT, and tickets will cost 15 euros.

On 11 May, the autarchy emphasized that two historical moments will be celebrated at the Estádio de Leiria: the 40 years of the Xutos & Pontapés’ career and four decades of the launch of the most famous album by the ‘Breakfast in America’ Supertramp.

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