Fortera discovers archaeological site at Riverside in Gaia

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The Fortera Group announced today the discovery of an archaeological site of great historical importance in the Riverside project, in Vila Nova de Gaia, located behind the city council.

The real estate developer was surprised by the relevance of the articles found: a paleocristan and alti-medieval necropolis associated with a wide set of religious-administrative buildings with monumental architectural elements.

“We intend to safeguard the archaeological remains found, as they are part of the cultural heritage, constituting a means for understanding the history of Vila Nova de Gaia, and Portugal. It is thus evident the need for contemporary society to recognize the value of archaeological heritage and the need for its study, preservation and enjoyment”, explained Elad Dror, CEO of Grupo Fortera, which owns a majority of the company promoted by Noble SA, which explores the place.

In 2007, an intervention had already been carried out on the site, and after completion of the work, the archaeologists proposed as a safeguard measure the integral excavation of the space, but the work was interrupted in 2008.

So, when the land was acquired in 2020, Fortera knew of the existence of archaeological finds in the place, given the proximity to the Castelo de Gaia site, and in a preventive action, it hired a specialized company to map and report these discoveries.

Now, in collaboration with the Vila Nova de Gaia Chamber, the company wants to develop a space for public visitation that values ​​local history.

“The best path will always be the one that combines past, present and future, so we will analyze different solutions that allow the creation of an archeosite and interpelative center of the Paleocristan Basilica of Gaia in the area of ​​land where the findings are inserted”, concludes Elad Dror.

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