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FOTOR is a website/app where you can edit and retouch photos, make collages and create the most varied graphic designs with your photos or with the wide variety of backgrounds, graphic elements and photos available to you on the website/app.

Before you would have to have several applications to do everything you can do in FOTOR and you can have it all for free or $ 8.99 USD / month for the pro edition.


Photo Editor and Retouching
In FOTOR, you will be able to give that effect or touch up that you always wanted to your photos, whether new or old, so you can share your best memories with your friends or simply, after working, save your photos that will delight you.

FOTOR’s beauty retouching tools can quickly apply gorgeous makeup to your photo giving them the look they’ve always dreamed of. Easily removes wrinkles, acne, and freckles, reshape your face and body, whiten your teeth, bring out the best in your portraits.


Artistic collage
Creating a collage is a way to give more life to your social networks or your blog, how many times you tried to make a collage with your photos and it is complicated or you have to pay a lot of money and it never looks the way you want, in FOTOR you can with great ease create your montage, it has many models, you can always create a different montage, but also adapt your montage to what you want, and of course, you can join your text with very appealing fonts, adjust the colours, all easily and quickly and dazzle your friends with your creative skills.


But at FOTOR you can also create excellent works of Graphic Design, Posters, Leaflets, Logos, Tickets, all kinds of graphic material for your events, book covers or CD covers among the most varied documents, and of course, the image to paste and personalize your social networks or banners, posts or ads that will give new life to your social networks, making your post’s very attractive and unique.

With a wide variety of templates for Ticket, Mobile Wallpaper, Youtube Channel Art, Facebook Cover, Twitter Cover, Poster, Logo, Card, Facebook Post, Instagram Post, Pinterest Post, Twitter Post, Facebook Cover, Facebook Event Cover, Youtube Thumbnail, Twitter Cover, Blog Title, LinkedIn Background, Menu, Gift Certificate, Flyer, Invitation, Program, Planner, Certificate, Letterhead, among so many options.

You can easily and quickly change and adjust any of the templates to what you want, using a multitude of existing graphic elements or using photos and graphic elements of yours, whether professional or amateur, your company, product or service will make the graphic image look professional, if you use FOTOR just to improve the graphic aspect of your social networks, you will see that your friends and acquaintances will not stop talking about your posts.


  • Photo Editing, Effects, Portrait Retouching.
  • Thousands of beautiful and professionally-designed templates to meet any of your design needs. Image Shape’s, Hundreds of Fonts, Countless Pretty Stickers.

But if you have any kind of difficulty you can use the various Tutorials and guides we have for you, so you can quickly get the results you want.

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