Founder of Twitter: “It’s not healthy to show how many followers you have”

Ev Williams attended the Web Summit and shared his biggest regrets about the social network he helped create. He also defended the need to protect journalism, which led him to create the Medium platform.

Twitter co-founder and creator of the Medium platform, Ev Williams, was the last guest at this year’s Summit of the Web Summit, sharing during the summit what were his biggest regrets with the social network he helped create.

“I think it’s not healthy to show how many followers you have. It’s clear that the ‘game’ is popularity, “said Ev Williams, while questioned by CNN journalist Laurie Segall about the biggest regrets with Twitter.

Williams added a second regret, including suggesting that new Twitter users have a selected list of accounts to follow. “That was my fault. Those were not interest-based suggestions and then someone who gathered followers organically will compare with them. It’s not authentic, “Williams said, according to Recode.

Williams continues to be on the board of Twitter but since then has created the Medium platform, which aims to advocate for deeper and more thoughtful content. A contrast to the fast-paced world of social networking.

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