Four companies advance with rapid loading of electric vehicles

Four companies will present their conditions for the charging of electric vehicles at the service stations, whose payment starts on 01/01 and will not include the payment of the contribution to the audiovisual.

According to the network manager, Mobi.e, when using the current 58 Rapid Charging (PCR) stations, drivers must have a network access card issued by one of the existing Electric Mobility Electricity Dealers (CEME).

Mobi.e announced that four CEME will present their proposals on their sites today, including EDP Comercial, Galp Power, PRIO.E and GRCAPP.

The card of any CEME will give access to all the PCRs of the network, regardless of the operator, as well as allows the normal loading, whose use is free.

“For the use of the PCR, users will pay the amounts defined in the contract they establish with CEME, which has full autonomy to define its proposal,” according to Mobi.e, who said that the collection will include three components.

Thus, the invoice will take into account the CEME service, which includes cost of energy (energy and tariffs for access to power grids), operator’s charge station operating service, and management fee, which “it will be zero euros at this stage”.

“The cost of a shipment will be equal to the amount that your CEME charges you for the service (which includes the energy), plus the value of the operating service of the respective station. nor of the rate of the DGEG – Directorate General of Energy and Geology “, reads in the information made available by Mobi.e.

The manager of the network considered that with these changes, “a significant step is taken to create the conditions that allow its expansion and its improvement of the utilization experience”.

Mobi.e reported that there are three PCRs to be awarded in Lisbon, Maia and Póvoa de Lanhoso.

In mid-September, Mobi.e had informed that the PCR tariffs would be released in “mid-October”.

The commencement of the payment in fast loading stations (PCR) was officially scheduled for July 2017.

Last June, when users were expecting news in the summer, the Ministry of the Environment did not give information on this process at the time, while Mobi.e said it was still “working to get it done as quickly as possible.”

In February, the president of Mobi.e, Alexandre Videira, explained that work was under way to start the payment in the PCR network (45 kW at 50 kW) until “the first semester” and that in the normal loads (3, 6 kW at 22 kW) of vehicles would be “more towards the end of the year”.

A month earlier, the Secretary of State for the Environment, José Mendes, reported that the “final phase of the tests” was in progress.

PCRs allow an 80% battery charge in 20 to 30 minutes.

According to information from the guardianship, regarding the incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles, there were 1,400 applications received in the automobile and 83 excluded, while in the applications for motorcycles and mopeds 28 applications were registered and the exclusion of three.

In none of the typologies are there any applications on the waiting list, according to the consultation of the environmental fund portal today.

“After awarding 1,000 incentives in one of the categories (cars or motorcycles / mopeds), the remaining applications that have been submitted in this category are now on the waiting list,” he added in the portal, adding that “if not the maximum number of incentives has been allocated to one of the previous categories, the unallocated amount will be transferred to the other category, with the incentive being awarded to eligible applications which are on the waiting list. “

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