Four exhibitions and an open circle

As of February 22, there are four spaces in the city with exhibitions from the Circle of Plastic Arts of Coimbra (CAPC). In the “Sala da Cidade“, an initiative of the Coimbra City Council, new works from the CAPC collection are on display; at the Museum, in Praça das Cortes, two decisive proposals for this space; in the “Sede” and “Sereia” rooms, they inaugurate «A Batida Que Make You Dirty» and «TAPE 2018-2019 / Beyond the cloister», respectively. What’s more, there is an appeal to participate in the opening of a free studio of visual arts.

The Plastic Arts Circle of Coimbra opens two exhibitions next Saturday, February 22. At the Círculo Sede, at 4 pm, “The Beat that Makes You Dirty” is presented by Irineu Destourelles. Later, at 6 pm, at Círculo Sereia, he opens «TAPE 2018-2019 / Beyond the cloister», an initiative of the Department of Architecture of the University of Coimbra, curated by Susana Lobo. The exhibitions can be visited until April 4, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 2 pm to 6 pm Admission is free.

Irineu Destourelles (Santo Antão, Cape Verde, 1974) works primarily with video, writing and drawing, focusing on contradictory narratives related to post-colonial identity. «A Batida Que Faz-te Sujo» includes a video that was present in his most recent exhibition at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum and other works that emerge in response to space and the need to create space. In the six rooms of the building on Rua Castro Matoso, there are works thematically related to the psychological condition of the individual in the post-colonial era, which, however, are built according to different strategies and address identity in the face of collective memory, the body and the written as de-regulatory elements.

The exhibition «TAPE 2018–2019 / Beyond the cloister» continues the collaboration between CAPC and the Department of Architecture of the University of Coimbra (DARQ). TAPE (Works Presented to Project for Exhibition) is an initiative of DARQ launched within the scope of the celebration, in October 1999, of the «10 years of Architecture at Colégio das Artes». Its purpose is to bring together and make known a selection of the best works done by students in the curricular units of Integrated Masters in Architecture. The exhibition that selects the 2018/2019 works is curated by Susana Lobo, with Ana Cláudia Ribeiro, Catarina Jegundo and Joana Correia.

Inaugurated on February 12, «Under the sign of Saturn or the permanence of an improbable idea» is an exhibition organized by the Coimbra City Council, where new works from the Círculo collection can be visited. The artists represented are Anna Boghiguian, José Spaniol, Cadu, Belén Uriel, Luis Felipe Ortega, António Barros, Isaura Pena, Ruben Palma Ramos and Jorge das Neves. The patent in the City Hall until March 20, it can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, from 1 pm to 6 pm.

Since 2015, the Museum space, a public art project by Francisco Tropa, installed and built within the scope of Anozero’15 (with the patronage of Constructora San José SA), in Praça das Cortes – Santa Clara, aims to appeal to participation of all citizens, who can submit proposals to be shown on that small piece of equipment. «To stumble is not to fall», by Inês Coelho da Silva and «Stolen ladder found in the home of a Portuguese smuggler in the 60s», by Sebastião Casanova, are currently exposed proposals.

Círculo Aberto puts into practice the intention of opening CAPC’s workshop space to the community and fostering the creation of visual arts projects. This first «Open Call» of 2020 calls for the participation of all those interested in using the screen printing workshop, as well as planning to organize a working group. The first meetings for the formation of the group take place on February 24 and / or 28, by 5 pm, at the Headquarters Circle. More information can be obtained through the email

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