Four Portuguese in the first 8 places in the marathon and half-marathon of Macau

The Portuguese athletes who competed in the marathon and the half-marathon of Macau finished the first eight places in a competition dominated by Kenyans.

Vera Nunes was ranked sixth (02:42:03) in the women’s marathon race, which was won by Kenya’s Mercy Kibarus (02:35:16).

For the men, João Antunes won the eighth place (02:31:36) at the Macau International Marathon, more than 15 minutes behind the winner, Elijah Kemboi (02:15:18).

In the half-marathon, both António Rocha and Carla Martinho secured third place in the men’s and women’s races, respectively.

Carla Martinho (01:17:30) had already won this event in Macau in 2015, but this year Kenyan competition was “too strong”, being more than three minutes away from first qualifier Esther Karimi.

A shared opinion at the end of the race by António Rocha, who departed for the race with the ambition to finish in the first five places. He ended up securing a third place (01:07:59) more than two minutes behind Josphat Menjo (01:05:21).

Among the representatives of the Portuguese-speaking countries that participated in the same race, Felisberto Deus, of Timor-Leste, finished in sixth place and Joaquim Gomes Forte (Cape Verde) in the eighth.

In the women’s half-marathon race, Rubia Fátima Martins, from Timor-Leste, was fifth, followed by Soares Teixeira from Cape Verde.

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