Fourteen films, two of them national, in Porto / Post / Doc 2018

Fourteen films, including two Portuguese, will compete in the international competition of the 5th Porto / Post / Doc Festival, to be held in Porto between November 24 and December 2, was announced today.

“About everything and nothing,” a documentary by Dídio Pestana, and “Blue Hale” by Rodrigo Areias, are the national presence in the contest that will award a prize of three thousand euros to the winner, the organization said at a press conference.

The director of the festival, Dario Oliveira, chose the international competition as “the highlight of the festival”, in an area where “the most recent films will be presented and represents a huge challenge for the public”.

Alongside the competition, the Portuguese presence of almost fifty films among the various competitions, the focus of the author, films made in a school environment in the competition Cinema Novo and in the shows of the various schools were other highlights made by Dario Oliveira.

“In 130 films, which is the total of the presentations over the nine days, we have almost 50 Portuguese films, which for us is a highlight of the festival,” emphasized the director.

For Dario Oliveira, there will be nine days that will “reveal more of the world”, presenting from the “propaganda in Russia, ethnography on the coast of Peru or in Trás-os-Montes, the armed conflict in Donbass [in Ukraine], transsexuality in Brazil and prostitution in Japan, “in a trip that also celebrates the” second year of the birth of a new nation: Kosovo. ”

“When we thought of this festival, and we have a project that we honour every issue, we think of people who understand cinema as a fun. It’s here, the opening film itself is pure fun, but it’s a real story about the condition human, and the cinema is that is a form of popular artistic expression, “he said.

In a pre-selection that forced the viewing of “more than 700 films”, according to the director, the organization wanted to gather works “that portray misfortunes, but also the hope that persists in society.”

In the competition of Cinema Novo will compete for seven films of Portuguese universities and polytechnics or of Portuguese directors studying abroad, while in Cinema Falado the fifth edition “presents a heterogeneous selection”.

The partnership with Associação Zero – Associação Terrestre Sustentáveis brings to Porto / Post / Doc the theme of environmental sustainability, with the projection of “films about the stories of the families linked to the” People for the Climate “movement.

There will also be a retrospective of the work of António Reis and Margarida Cordeiro while the IV Professional Meeting of Luso-Galaíco Co-production will take place for the first time in Portugal.

During the nine days, the Porto / Post / Doc will be distributed by the Rivoli Theater, Manuel Passos cinema, Porto Fine Arts School, Planetarium and in the Trindade cinema.

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