Fourth round of the competition in Santa Cruz will have 14 Portuguese surfers

On a day when only the eight heats left from round 3 were disputed, at Praia do Mirante, in Santa Cruz (Torres Vedras), nine Portuguese athletes who also entered the water today were on the way: Eduardo Fernandes, Miguel Blanco, Francisco Carrasco , Rafael Silva, Francisco Almeida, João Vidal, Miguel Matos, Pedro Coelho and Luís Perloiro.

The day before, Joaquim Chaves, Rodrigo Lebre, Ruben Gonzalez, and Diogo Martins had also secured a place in the fourth round of Pro Santa Cruz, with the Portuguese team Jácome Correia and Henrique Pyrrait falling out of the competition in the third round, with several other compatriot athletes falling in the first two rounds.

In round 4, in addition to the athletes already mentioned, the Portuguese surfers with the best ‘ranking’ in the WSL or guests invited to this competition will come into action: Tomás Fernandes, Guilherme Ribeiro, Afonso Antunes, Vasco Ribeiro, Guilherme Fonseca and Pedro Henrique.

Thus, there will be 14 Portuguese surfers who will compete in the next phase of the event, which has a total of 64 athletes. The next call for the event is scheduled for Thursday at 08:00.

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