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France beats Germany with Hummels’ self goal


France faced Germany for the Group F of Euro’2020, held at the Allianz Arena, in Munich, a game that is marked by the own goal of Mats Hummels, offering the victory to the French.

A duel of giants, the last two winners of the Football World Cup, faced each other, with the victory smiling to the French team.

Hummels, when 20 minutes had elapsed, with the right shin, scored a goal that would be the final result of the match, deceiving the German goalkeeper with his defective cut.

Germany still had some reaction in the second half, but without practical effects for the goal of Hugo Lloris. It would be France, by Kylian Mbappé, to score again but promptly invalidated by the referee, a goal that had been counted would be one of the goals of Euro’2020.

Benzema also put the ball in the back of the German net, but this too was invalidated by the French striker’s irregular position.

Group F of Euro’2020 is led by Portugal, after the victory against Hungary by 3-0, in the company of France, while Germany and Hungary finish this journey with zero points.

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